PACE Financial Servicing (PFS) provides turnkey administration for commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) financing programs at the state and local level. We empower robust, open markets for C-PACE transactions, which drive lower costs of capital and facilitate industry-wide scale.
Benefits of C-PACE include:


Economic Benefits

  • C-PACE lowers utility bills for building owners
  • C-PACE generates local job creation


Environmental Benefits

  • C-PACE assists states and local governments in reaching energy and water conservation goals
  • C-PACE reduces carbon emissions and water usage
  • C-PACE assists states in Clean Power Plan compliance


No Cost to Taxpayers

  • C-PACE financing is funded through private capital, with no cost to taxpayers


A successful C-PACE program requires the careful creation of enabling program legislation and guidelines. PFS has cultivated best practices and market standards through years of experience. PFS has identified several core features that define all successful C-PACE programs. The following are some of the core features that PFS will integrate into your program if you choose to work with us:


Keep it Low Cost & Simple
Establish clear, concise guidelines and transparent processes without high fees

gavelKeep it Open
Catalyze innovation and promote growth through open-market administration


Keep it Standard
Enable scale by implementing one set of rules for capital providers and contractor



These best practices can be achieved through:


Outsourced C-PACE Administration

Results in no fee for county

Administrator collects small fees from C-PACE projects to recoup costs


Open Market Administration

Program allows any capital providers to finance deals at a low application cost