Led by the award-winning team who created the country’s most successful PACE program, PFS provides turnkey PACE administration to states, counties, and municipalities. With more experience in commercial PACE administration than anyone in the country, PFS offers unparalleled service to our public sector partners.

PFS makes PACE easy.

Our role is to build PACE programs that seamlessly connect PACE capital to interested building owners. The result is increased economic activity, reduced environmental pollution, and new jobs. PACE Financial Servicing has an unprecedented track record in administration of the program. The founding team at PFS developed the leading PACE program in the country and has advised or worked with virtually every commercial PACE program nationally.

We are unique among administrators in that we have thirty years of industry experience in tax collection, relationships with over 25,000 taxing jurisdictions and currently service over $500B in real estate loans. We have leveraged PACE experience and technology to help develop a highly efficient PACE administration and servicing platform. All of which has earned us national recognition as the gold standard in PACE financing.


Discover the PFS Advantage

  • Nationwide, comprehensive knowledge and integration with PACE statutes
  • Risk reduction for lenders, municipalities and investors
  • Cost savings and efficiency gains
  • Exceptional client-focused services
  • Data enhanced solutions for the entire loan life cycle
  • Proprietary technology platform


Keep it Low Cost & Simple
Establish clear, concise guidelines and transparent processes without high fees


Keep it Open
Catalyze innovation and promote growth through open-market administration


Keep it Standard
Enable scale by implementing one set of rules for capital providers and contractor



  • No fee for county
  • Collects regular, small fees from PACE projects to support administration



  • Assists states and local governments in reaching energy and water conservation goals
  • Allows any capital providers to finance deals at a low application cost

PFS provides everything your county needs to make PACE a success!